Being happy, having fun, and caring for each other is #1 to succeed

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Do you want to be part of building one of the Nordics' most beautiful tech companies?

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You will join a tech-savvy bunch of really nice people where we build our dream company together. You will enter a central role in our team and in our ambition to build the most forward-thinking tech company in the Nordics.

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Do you want to know more? Don't hesitate to get in touch so we can meet over a coffee and talk some more!

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One of the basic principles of TechSeed is that we share generously. Concretely, sharing means that we not only share know-how, ideas, and good vibes, we also share the value we create through co-ownership.

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And if you, like us, are a Tech geek who wants to work with cutting-edge technology changing tomorrow, there is no alternative, TechSeed is the place to be!

Open positions

Agile Project Management

UX/UI-, Service- and Business Design

Information Security

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