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Our world consists increasingly of solutions where IoT and Intelligent Edge are integrated with Cloud and business IT. Where physical items are reflected in Digital twins, and where Machine learning, AI, and Cyber security are central parts. This is our playground.

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We believe innovation with technology will be the solution to many of the world's biggest challenges. This is our WHY and it fills us with energy every day.

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TechSeed consists of spearhead environments that are each expert in their domain and together form a value chain that ranges from The Physical product to the Digital Twin.

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We deliver intelligent, secure, connected autonomous operations at the edge of the edge.

Tech(Seed) builds a <u> leading </u> tech consulting company in the Nordics.<br>Owned by the <b> employees </b>. Founded in <i> 2021 </i>. Around <strong> 150 </strong> employees in Göteborg, Arvika, Karlstad, Västerås, Stockholm, Oslo, Asker, Trondheim and Malmö.​