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Our world consists increasingly of solutions where IoT and Intelligent Edge are integrated with Cloud and business IT. Where physical items are reflected in Digital twins, and where Machine learning, AI, and Cyber security are central parts.

This is our playground!

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Technology optimists

We believe innovation with technology will be the solution to many of the world's biggest challenges.

This is our WHY and it fills us with energy every day.





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Why TechSeed?

What we do best

TechSeed consists of spearhead environments that are each expert in their domain and together form a value chain that ranges from The Physical product to the Digital Twin.

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Embedded Systems

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Internet of Things

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Industrial IT

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Business IT

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Embedded Systems & FPGA Design Centre

We are a leading Nordic community of experts in high-quality embedded systems. We specialize in Embedded Software, FPGA, and Hardware, and invest a lot in methodology improvement to ensure we provide our customers with the best possible service.

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We make FPGA designs for any Technology and most Applications

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Embedded Software

We develop Embedded SW on most Platforms for almost any Application

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We make Hardware designs and solutions for a wide range of applications


Ubitech joins the TechSeed family  

«The team from Ubitech reinforces TechSeed and our ability to deliver smart, close-to-production IT solutions through their experience and expertise. Ubitech will continue to deliver industrial IT solutions as part of TechSeed ».  
- Robert Rhönnstad MD TechSeed Wermland.

A crucial part of Industrial IT is Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Therefore entered we this autumn into a partnership agreement with ABB, becoming their preferred integration partner for ABB MES Solutions in the Nordics.

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We help our customers improve efficiency by automating and orchestrating business processes using robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent process automation (IPA)

Activities with highest automation potential


Predictable Physical Activities


Processing Data


Collecting Data

We’re here to guide and help you at all times

We can take full responsibility for the delivery of intelligent, secure, connected autonomous operations at the edge of the edge.

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We have broad expertise in IoT and can manage your IoT project from start to final implementation

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Embedded Systems

We are the leading FPGA design centre in the Nordics

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CyberSecurity and Compliance

We are CyberSecurity and Compliance experts within IoT and Edge. We make connected solutions secure and compliant and provide expert guidance with a «zero-bullshit» guarantee.

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