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TechSeed is a tech-savvy group of niche companies, where each company aims to be top three in its field. Together, we build a unique value chain and strive to be The leading company within intelligent edge technology in the Nordics.

We love techy stuff and big hairy goals, but being happy, having fun, and caring for each other is #1 to succeed. That is what we work for everyday☺

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Intelligent Edge

The term “Intelligent Edge” is used in many ways, but perhaps the best way to think of it is as a place. The edge is where the action is. It’s a manufacturing floor, a building, a sports arena, in your car, in the sky, or under the sea. It’s everywhere everything is, and it’s where the “things” are in the Internet of Things (IoT).

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More about TechSeed

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We have code on Mars, close to the sun past Mercury, on various satellites around the earth, and at the bottom of the ocean.

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We have held technical courses in three parts of the world (Europe, Asia and South America)

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Our sales manager has had two poetry collections published

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Only 2 years after starting up, we are ranked as the leading company within FPGA in the Nordics


Our CEO and founders

TechSeed was founded 1st of January 2021 by Michal Koziel, Snorre Meland, Sven Ivar Mørch, and Espen Tallaksen. The founders have deep knowledge and experience within Embedded Software, FPGA, and Information Technology in general, and all have a successful history of founding similar companies during the past few years

Sven Ivar, CEO in TechSeed

Sven Ivar Mørch


City: All over the place
Best things about TechSeed:
The amazing team of beautiful TechStars!
Going to space and completing Vasaloppet

Meet some of our amazing team members

Johanna Persson Hagberg

MD TechSeed DataInsight Gbg

Best things about TechSeed:
Being on this exciting journey of building the future of it and business working closely with our amazing talents and a great network of clients.
Dreaming of a green planet and a bright future!

Leopold Zainali

Head of Privacy and Legal

Best things about TechSeed:
Our “zero bullsh*t” approach to our work
To streamline and automate our client’s compliance work to the degree that I become completely redundant and can spend my time jamming in my future home music studio.

Sanna Norinder

Head of Tech and Architecture – Hyperautomation

Best things about TechSeed:
The colleagues and our ambition to become a leader in an exciting field.
To run Ultravasan and get a dog.

Espen Tallaksen

Director FPGA and Space/MD EmLogic

Asker, but also Trondheim and Oslo
Best things about TechSeed:
The culture: Fair, open and honest.
Not really a dreamer, but hoping for great mountain hikes.

Roman Yusupov

Manager, Industrial IT

Best things about TechSeed:
Empowering work environment.
To lead the innovation frontier of IndTech.

Louise Alveflo

Cyber Security Consultant

Best things about TechSeed:
The people, the transparency and the inclusive culture
Start a dog shelter and live 24/7 in a tropical climate.
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