Solving the biggest challenges

TechSeed focus on the full value chain, connecting the physical dimension, with embedded solutions powered by the intelligent edge, cloud, and customer-orientated user experience.

We orchestrate and connect the value chain end to end, through highly secure, integrated, and automated services, architected with industry-leading platforms and frameworks

At TechSeed, we're at the forefront of X-Reality (XR), offering cutting-edge consulting services in Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Digital Twin technologies. Our expertise spans from developing immersive AR/VR experiences that enhance user engagement and training, to creating Digital Twins that offer real-time simulations and analytics for physical assets. By integrating these technologies, we help businesses unlock new levels of innovation, operational efficiency, and customer interaction.
We care about the greatest transition of our time, and support customers all the way from CSRD reporting and future regulation, to true business transformation. By connecting the physical and digital world, making your business data driven, innovative solutions emerge. We make your sustainability department talk to IT, legal and business. Our senior consultants coach you all the way from the executive board room, to real implemented solutions and value. Your company, your journey.
Internet of Things
At IoT & Edge, our team of experts is dedicated to helping you seamlessly connect your devices, whether they're on the factory floor or out in the field. We're all about making sure your data works for you, turning it into valuable insights that drive your decisions and operations forward. Our focus is on delivering real value to you, ensuring that our solutions not only optimize your processes but also bring tangible benefits to your organization.
Innovation & Business Design
Techseed Innovation Studio will help you explore, envision, and navigate next-gen innovations and their implications. Our methodology is rooted in business and service design, and we take an agile approach to each project we undertake. Our offerings span from identifying white spaces to developing new product or service offerings. We work collaboratively to achieve a solution that will benefit both the business and the customer.
Industrial IT
We offer sustainable and quality-assured solutions within production-related IT, tailored to the needs of various manufacturing industries such as steel, pulp, and paper. With our experience and understanding of complex processes, we possess competence that is applicable to most industries.
We work across the whole Hyperautomation stack and help our customers with matters around the connected value chain, with services in architecture, cloud, automation, and integration technologies – that we power up with intelligent services from our partner network that we, together with our best practices and reference architectures/frameworks will accelerate the journey for our customers.
Apart from endless variations in functionality, hardware can be optimized in so many dimensions. Low power, computing efficiency, dynamic range, flexibility, cost, or robustness and reliability – whatever your target, we have the experience needed to bring your ideas to life.
FPGA & Asics
EmLogic is the leading FPGA design centre in Scandinavia. We are 18 FPGA designers, and 8 of these are Principals with more than 15 years of experience. Methodology and Architecture are key in everything we do, and we are even running international courses on this. We help our customers with any phase of FPGA and ASIC design, and also help them improve their own development process. Our experience ranges from Space and Safety projects via Health and Environmental Applications to Energy and Industry.
Embedded software
Our skilled Embedded Software team is well-equipped to handle your current or future development needs. Proficient in implementation and system-level tasks, we specialize in architecture, requirement management, specifications, and thorough documentation. Our commitment to development methodology and knowledge sharing is integral to our culture, ensuring high-quality solutions tailored to your goals.
Digital Strategy & Transformation
We excel in guiding our clients through their journey from conventional business models to innovative and sustainable enterprises. We specialize in tailored digital strategies and objectives that harmonize with your business strategy. Our approach is highly adaptive, meeting our customers' needs with precision and care, utilizing knowledge and experience across different industries to deliver customer value.
Data Insights
We help clients create capabilities and realize value from data, supporting their journey toward becoming data-driven enterprises. We are applying the latest technology to offer expertise in areas such as dataplatforms, visual analytics, architecture, ai & data science, and data governance.
Signal Processing and Digital Signal Processing (DSP) applications are found in a wide variety of electronic systems today. We supply the full range of services from algorithmic design to implementation onthe target device. This enables us to optimize the design solutions for the best possible product.
Cyber Security
We are CyberSecurity and Compliance experts within IoT and Edge. We make connected solutions secure and compliant and provide expert guidance backed by a commitment to absolute honesty and clarity.