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June 1, 2023

TechSeed establishes a new subsidiary in Gothenburg - TechSeed Studio

TechSeed establishes another subsidiary in Gothenburg: TechSeed Studio

Today, TechSeed announces that a new subsidiary is being established in Gothenburg; TechSeed Studio. With the Studio, we establish the framework and methodology to be able to take a holstic responsibility for our customers' innovation journey, from idea to design, development and implementation. The focus is to help companies innovate with modern technology and to realize the potential found in connected ecosystems where IoT and Intelligent Edge are integrated with the business's IT environments. The studio brings together expertise in, among other things, Innovation, Service design, Strategy with UX/UI and development of digital user interfaces such as XR and Digital Twins.

Emma Beecken will be responsible for TechSeed Studio in Gothenburg.

"Supplementing our existing offering with a studio that specializes in the human perspective in technology is a natural step for us to link our offerings and promote a creative and experimental culture," says CEO Sven Ivar Mörch. "We are also very happy to welcome Emma Beecken to TechSeed where she will lead and develop the innovation studio. Her expertise and leadership will be invaluable as we continue to grow and expand our offerings”.

Emma has a long background in tech and creative leadership and comes most recently from Nexer Maverick where she was responsible for Change & Innovation and Head of Service Design and before that CGI Design Studio.

"Having the opportunity to build and develop an innovation studio together with some of the best in the industry feels like a dream," says Emma Beecken. "My driving forces have always been faith in humanity and mainly how our differences together create solutions we would never have succeeded in without each other. Therefore, it feels extra fun to be able to do this right here at TechSeed, where belief in the good in us humans is a key factor. I look forward to creating a creative and innovative hub with the goal of driving growth and competitiveness by creating innovative, co-creative solutions that meet the changing needs of the market and deliver real value to our customers and our future world.”
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