TechSeed contact:
Morten Falch Rustestuen ​
Case details
Develop a device leveraging IoT modules on embedded device platforms​
Situation & Challenge
The customer's objective was to develop a device leveraging IoT modules on embedded device platforms, enabling other entities to participate in power markets like Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR) and Fast Frequency Response (FFR). The challenges included understanding the complex tasks of these markets and ensuring the device could facilitate seamless integration for users aiming to enter or improve their position in the energy sector.
Engagement details, solution & value created
In addressing the customer's needs, the project focused on the management of IoT modules with automated relay control and low-level programming for hardware interactions. Additionally, extensive data analysis of the power grid and sensor readings provided vital insights to the efficiency, operation and reliability of the system. This setup not only streamlined the customer's operations but also enabled their active and efficient participation in mentioned markets. This lead users with the ability to make data-driven decisions, reduce energy costs, and contribute to grid stability. Furthermore, by enabling more participants to engage in the power markets effectively, the project played a crucial role in promoting sustainable energy practices by enhancing the reliability of power systems - ultimately promoting a more resilient and sustainable energy ecosystem.
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