Insurance company
TechSeed contact:
Anna Bloch​
Case details
Transforming Insurance company's business landscape by pioneering an innovative ecosystem tailored for senior customers, simultaneously extending customer lifetime value and fortifying competitive positioning.​
Situation & Challenge
Leveraging foresight, user research, and strategic insight, our multidisciplinary team identified an untapped market segment within Länsförsäkringar AB: individuals aged 60 and above. Recognizing their unique needs and potential, we embarked on a mission to enhance their quality of life while seizing growth opportunities for the organization.
Engagement details, solution & value created
We developed an innovative ecosystem, integrating various service providers via a sophisticated IoT infrastructure. This facilitated seamless coordination to deliver tailored services for senior customers. Our approach empowered them to remain in their homes longer, fostering loyalty and extending customer lifetime value. Moreover, by introducing new services tailored to seniors, we diversified our portfolio and strengthened our competitive edge. This project showcases our ability to drive transformative change, innovate, and create sustainable growth.
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