IoT Exploration
TechSeed contact:
Jacob Bentzel
Case details
Lead an IoT team and evaluate future IoT use cases​
Situation & Challenge
The customer needed a senior leader to lead and manage an IoT Team. The team is responsible for daily operations and development of new IoT/OT solutions. Within the scope of responsibility of the role was also to connect with management at subsidiaries to investigate how they could utilize IoT in their operations, pitch ideas and plan future IoT initiatives.​
Engagement details, solution & value created
TechSeed led the IoT team developing structure and an IoT solution package that included detailed descriptions on IoT Innovation, documenting the IoT solution portfolio (including supported industrial protocols, data collection application, cloud integration and a MQTT-broker). With the documented solutions the time and effort for new IoT-initiatives could be drastically reduced at the customer. IoT could now be delivered as-a-service at the customer.
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