Automobile company
TechSeed contact:
Johanna Bååw ​
Case details
Support the business with creating a holistic logic data model for customer and product to use when communicate business requirements throughout processes impacting many departments and systems ​
Situation & Challenge
The mandates and responsibilities are very distributed within Lynk & Co which has implicated that requirements cross an entire process, going through different departments and systems doesn’t have any owner, both process wise and responsibilities but specially ownership over the data. ​ ​ The IT department has done their best to fill the gaps from the lacking holistic requirements, but they are not mind readers and will not be able to take full responsibility of the maintenance which implicates that the business get the responsibility of the maintenance over requirements they do not fully understand.​
Engagement details, solution & value created
Through workshop, interview, deep dives into the data help the business create a holistic view of their requirements that get anchored and accepted throughout the entire company and approved by the management team. ​ ​ The documentation should be in a format that the business understands and accept, so that it will be steered and maintain as the strategy and processes will evolve over time. ​
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