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TechSeed contact:
Jonas Hedström ​
Case details
Solution Architect for major international, B2B customer service, order entry project with legacy- as well as new ERP landscape​
Situation & Challenge
This global industrial customer suffered from vast manual repetitive workload from the order entry process towards their end customers and dealer network. Approx 70% of the purchase orders were received over emails with the PO attached as a pdf document, sometimes with important information in the subject and/or the email body. These were received and processed into both legacy sales order environment as well as new ERP sales order environment, with quotation checks, order archiving for audit purposes and order acknowledgement process back to the customer. And a quite customer unique deviation process via different channels like email, order ack. from ERP and phone calls.​
Engagement details, solution & value created
This huge challange of different environment and techniques were addressed with the hyperautomation capabilities. Incoming emails were received in Outlook, sorted based on marked and handled further in two tracks depending on legacy-/new ERP landscape. The emails and attachments were processed with pre-trained (by customer service) AI/ML technologies, connected via intetgraiton layer to quotation systems and depending on result from that, integrated into respective sales order environment. The physical email were captured and stored in appropriate solution depending on environment by RPA and the order acknowledgement were sent back via standard channels or with this solution for deviation cases. In case of any deviation, a backlog were built up with tickets and customer service was notified via Microsoft Teams to address these deviations. From the beginning, this project was ment to scale, and when the consultant left the customer, 10 different countries with over 300 customers was onboarded, reliefing customer service to work with more qualitative tasks and qualitative sales with their existing and new customer base. There was a operational setup where customer service operations and IT operations handled the maintenance of the solution. Project was a huge success and was presented by the team on a global townhall.​
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