Waste management company
TechSeed contact:
Robert Gartman ​
Case details
Implementing a Waste Management Solution, with a complete overhaul of supporting systems and integrations​
Situation & Challenge
The company is one the major waste management companies in Sweden, serving both municipalities and the competitive market. The services covers household waste, industrial waste and everything in-between. Regulations, the full-service offering and the diverse types of waste all contribute to a very complex business.​ ​ The Waste Management solution is critical in managing the daily operation – covering everything from order to invoice. In this case, an legacy platform being replaced with new software.​
Engagement details, solution & value created
The migration from legacy to new require redesign and in large parts completely new solutions for in- and outbound data. Be it factoring, reporting, data warehouse, cloud-based integration engine and so forth.​ TechSeed delivers the Solution Architect and Technical Project Lead in a combined role for this 20+ months engagement.​ ​
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