Swedish public healthcare region​
TechSeed contact:
Rickard Stormhammar​
Case details
Applying a regional Hyperautomation perspective to a local RPA initiative.
Situation & Challenge
The public healthcare region was faced with a highly manual, workload intensive, and locally diverging recurring process for handling system access requests for medical student internships.​ ​ Local hospitals had initiated development of RPA solutions to help relieve the administrative workload and have the software robot automate the steps to order system access for new students. ​ ​ This solution still had manual dependencies for triggering the process which regularly caused delays. Furthermore, admin users had to maintain a master spreadsheet that the RPA could read from and had to manually email each student to notify them of progress in the process. ​
Engagement details, solution & value created
TechSeed Hyperautomation consultants with experience from implementing RPA together with digital process automation (DPA) became involved and helped the region map out a more automated process which then became the target regional process to implement across all the region's hospitals.​ ​ Benefits of this new Hyperautomated solution involved automated triggering of the process start eliminating delays as well as automated email notifications to inform stakeholders of progress. Furthermore, the new solution could automatically trigger offboarding for system access and eliminated the need to maintain a spreadsheet as the DPA & RPA platforms were now integrated.​ ​ The estimated cost savings for this Hyperautomated solution went from 540 hours a year for the local hospital's attended RPA solution to a region wide 3 full time employees worth of cost savings.​
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