Automative Industry
TechSeed contact:
Viktor Björklund ​
Case details
Manager, Circular Economy Analytics: Spearheads data analysis, KPI tracking, and reporting standards for Circular Economy metrics – automating reporting through PowerBI. Central to the rollout of the new sustainability reporting system from a circular economy perspective. (Microsoft sustainability manger)​
Situation & Challenge
With the increased regulations on sustainability reporting, especially within circular economy, the client needed help to both navigate the new CSRD guidelines and create automated reporting to ensure that reporting standards where compliant efficiently. To reduce the amount of head count required for the complex reporting standards there is a need to standardize (and automate) data collection and analysis, also ensuring that they meet the reporting requirements set by regulatory agencies like the EU. Furthermore, increase the time to reporting for the different rating agencies like CDP. Additionally, these circular economy KPI’s are reported on a leadership basis hence the organization needs actionable reports to understand what actions they can take to reduce their impact on for example biodiversity (species.yr)​
Engagement details, solution & value created
TechSeed was assigned to the project within the global sustainability team as a manager within the circular economy team, specifically for data analysis and reporting. The consultant was responsible for automating circular economy reporting through the creation of PowerBI reports and stream lead in the implementation of Microsoft sustainability manager for CE. Also involved in the creation of a number of models to evaluate potential improvement areas to reduce the amount of primary materials and increase the effectiveness of their circular economy processes.​ ​
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